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The Derby Magic Electronic Timer is an
advanced and accurate system.  Each lane is
equipped with an infrared illuminator and sensor.  
As the car passes the sensor and breaks the
beam, the time of that car's race is recorded.

We have two display options for the timer.

The Sequence of Finish (
SOF) timer diplays the
finish place of each car above the lane on a
super bright 2.25" LED.
Because it's designed as an integral part of the Derby Magic track,
all of the controls for the track and timer are conveniently located at
the starting end of the track.  The power plug, USB port, and reset
switch are all right at your fingertips.
All Derby Magic
tracks come with our
exclusive wiring
conduit.  The conduit
runs the full length of
the track and
provides a safe,
convenient location
for the timer wiring.
The timer comes complete with the finish line, start gate switch, control box, 6' USB cable, and AC power
supply.  The cable connecting the control box to the finish line is also included.  The cable length is
appropriate for each length of track.

The Derby Magic Race Manager runs on WindowsXP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
operating systems.
Click here to see details
of the timer functions
Our Elapsed Time (ET) timer displays the
finish place of each car above the lane on
a super bright 1" LED and displays the
race time on (4) 0.8" LED's.

After all of the cars in a heat have finished,
the times and place finish are sent to your
computer via the built-in USB link.  Both
our SOF and ET timers send the same

The Derby Magic timer works seamlessly
with the Derby Magic Race Manager
program. The software will make your race
so easy to run.  
See all the details here.
Computer Data Options - There aren't any!

With a Derby Magic timer, it comes with all of the options that the other guys charge extra for.
USB interface and cable included.
Mask Lanes - When using the Race Manager software, any unused lanes in a heat are excluded.
Forced End - If a car exits the track, you can force the race to end from the Race Manager
Reset - You can clear the display from the Race Manager
The ET timer displays both the order of finish and the elapsed time.
Both of our timers, the SOF and the ET,
can be ordered with the Double Sided
option.  This option displays the sequence
of finish on the brake side of the timer in 1"
Double Sided Timer Option
Derby Magic timers can now be made
with lane spacing to match any track from
3.50" to 4.00".  Just select the Lane
spacing option on the order page.
Lane Spacing for other tracks
Sequence of Finish Timer
Elapsed Time timer
See the Derby Magic Photo Finish device