The Derby Magic Company has a lead time of a maximum of only 5 days for tracks and timers! If you need a track shipped sooner, please call (727)325-1972 for special arrangements. MiniBrick purchases are shipped the next business day!

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Why derby magic?

Derby Magic tracks for Pinewood Derby® are designed and manufactured to the highest standards.

We offer Pinewood Derby® tracks in widths from 1 to 8 lanes, and lengths of 32, 38, or 44 feet.

Every Derby Magic track comes complete with a support frame, starting gate, and finish line brake. All required hardware is included.

Our support frame includes non-marring, no slip feet.

An advanced electronic timer with a USB computer interface is available as an additional cost option.

The tracks are made from extruded PVC to be durable and lightweight.

The lane guides are 1-5/8″ wide and 1/4″ tall to accommodate a standard Pinewood Derby® car using the center guided principle.

The lane spacing is 3-7/8″.

Each track is shipped in a double wall corrugated box that can be used for storing the track.