Lightweight and Portable

Derby Magic tracks are rugged, but lightweight. The track surfaces are made of PVC plastic and the support frames are made of structural aluminium. They are more durable than wood tracks. They will not dent and nick like aluminium tracks. They will stand up to your cub scouts!

The table below shows the approximate shipping weight of the complete track assembly in pounds.

Derby Magic tracks are shipped in one large box, 8 lane tracks are shipped in two boxes. If ordered, the timer is shipped in a separate box.

 Number of Lanes
32 ft.26 lbs.35 lbs.45 lbs.54 lbs.63 lbs.2 x 45 lbs.
38 ft.29 lbs.40 lbs.50 lbs.60 lbs.70 lbs.2 x 50 lbs.
44 ft.33 lbs.44 lbs.55 lbs.66 lbs.79 lbs.2 x 55 lbs.
Box Size (inches)78 x 10 x 578 x 14 x 578 x 18 x 578 x 26 x 578 x 26 x 578 x 18 x 5
(2 boxes)