MiniBrick Derby

The Derby Magic Company is the leader in LEGO® brick cars!
We pioneered the concept back in 2010. Our higher volumes allow us to offer 
the best products at the lowest prices.

A MiniBrick Derby car is the same width as a Pinewood Derby car and will run on a standard Pinewood Deby track, but is made from either LEGO® bricks or MEGA® BLOKS.  

Using the axle and wheel kit from The Derby Magic Company, you can build a LEGO Pinewood Derby car from your bricks, and race it on a Pinewood Derby track.

The Pinewood Derby LEGO car makes a great additional activity for the children in your group. Plan a race in addition to your annual pinewood derby.

Timed build events are great activities too. Let the kids take 15 minutes to build a car and then race them!

Just like with a Pinewood Derby car, more weight on the car means more speed and more distance. If your MiniBrick Derby car is to light, it may not make it to the end of the track. To help you weight your car, we have a die cast zinc brick for the axle base. We have put together 2 kits, each of different weight.

This is what you get! Two 2×6  bricks with steel axles installed, wheels, and attachment nuts. This sets the width of the wheels to fit on a standard track and comes assembled as you see it.  

1-9 Quantity10-49 Quantity50+ Quantity
2.2 Ounce Kit$6.05 ea.$5.63 ea.$5.14 ea.
3.6 Ounce Kit$6.25 ea.$5.81 ea.$5.31 ea.
6x16 Nib Car Base
(0.45 Ounces)
$2.15 ea.$2.00 ea.$1.83 ea.

We also offer a 6×16 nib Base Plate that makes an excellent base for building your car. Just add our Wheel and Axle kit and your bricks to build an awesome car. Each 6×16 nib Car Base weighs 0.45 ounces.

This can be the beginning of your LEGO Pinewood Derby car using the 6×16 nib Base Plate and the MiniBrick Derby Wheel and Axle kit. Each item sold separately.

The same speed tricks that help make pinewood derby cars faster will also make MiniBrick Derby cars faster. The wheels can be removed, smoothed, and reinstalled. The axles can be polished and graphite lubricant applied.

You may want to implement some rules for your MiniBrick Derby.  Here are some sample rules you may want to start with.

MiniBrick Derby kits contain small parts and should not be used by children under 5 years of age.

MiniBrick Derby kits are warranted for 6 months from date of shipment against defects in material or workmanship.

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