Photo Finish Accessory

Imagine  being able to snap a photo at the exact instant the winning car crosses the finish line. Every time, in every heat!

That is the capability of the Derby Magic Photo Finish.  Using your digital video camera and the Photo Finish device, the Derby Magic timer will signal the Photo Finish device to save the frame at the exact instant the winning car crosses the finish line.

We utilize a specially modified Video Capture device and the included EzGrabber software running on your PC to provide these memorable photos.

The PhotoFinish device is connected to your PC, the Derby Magic  Electronic Timer, and your digital camera.  At the precise moment the winning car reached the finish, the frame is stored on your PC.

The Photo Finish option must be purchased with the electronic timer so the modifications to the timer can be made.

The EZGrabber software runs on WindowsXP/Vista/Windows7,8,10, or 11.