Derby Magic tracks are very affordable. All prices include the support frame, start gate, car brake, track, and all necessary hardware. All you need to add is the people and cars!  

All prices are in US dollars and do not include shipping. Since our tracks are among the lightest weight available, shipping costs are estimated to be between $32 and $155, depending upon the number of lanes, length, location, and shipping method. Shipping costs are estimated below for ground shipping in the contiguous United States. Exact shipping costs will be calculated during checkout.

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Parts and Services section located at the bottom.

Derby Magic Pinewood Derby® tracks and timers

1-Lane2-Lane3-Lane4-Lane5-Lane6-LaneSplit 8-Lane
32 Foot$445$415$539$669$795$920$1275
38 Foot$460$465$614$769$920$1095$1475
44 Foot$485$515$689$869$1045$1270$1675
Drag Racing StarterNot Available$570$697$825$952$1080$1335
Die-Cast OptionNot Available$50$75$100$125$150$200
SOF-TimerTimer Included$285$325$365$405$445$525
ET-TimerTimer Included$285$325$365$405$445$525
Low Cost Timer OptionNot Available$175$195$215$235$255$295
Double Sided Timer OptionNot Available$50$75$100$125$150$200

We offer custom timer lane spacing. This is not required for any Derby Magic tracks. This service is done for you FREE OF CHARGE!

Solenoid Operated Start Gate

-Not available for 1 lane tracks

-Only available with track and timer purchase

Wireless Remote Option For Solenoid Start Gate

-Requires Solenoid Operated Start Gate                                                        

Derby Magic Photo Finish Device



1-9 Quantity10-49 Quantity50+ Quantity
2.2 Ounce Kit$6.05 ea.$5.63 ea.$5.14 ea.
3.6 Ounce Kit$6.25 ea.$5.81 ea.$5.31 ea.
6x16 Nib Car Base
(0.45 Ounces)
$2.15 ea.$2.00 ea.$1.83 ea.

Parts & Services

8-car Car Carrier$40
14-car Car Carrier$60
18 Wheeler Frame Addition$115
2-Lane Sample Track$15
Brake Tape$1.75per foot
MiniBrick Spare Wheels$0.30 ea.
Package of (10) #4-40 Flat Head Screws for DC tracks$1
Package of (10) #4-40 PEM Nuts for DC tracks $8
Package of (10) #10-32 PEM Nuts for standard tracks$5
Timer Repair - Out of Warranty$30
Replacement Solenoid$25
Power Supply Replacement - 1.2A$18
Power Supply Replacement - 3.0A$25
Power Supply Replacement - 10A$35
Start Switch$3.50
Drag Race Start Switch$11
Drag Race Cable$5
Replacement Wireless Remote$12
Rechargeable Battery$35

Delivery time: For all track sizes, the track will be shipped within 5 business days. If you require expedited delivery, please contact us.

Warranty: All Derby Magic tracks are warranted for (3) years from the date of shipment against defects in material or workmanship. We will do whatever it takes to correct the problem.

To place an order, select the number of lanes you would like, the length of your track, and any options.

The exact shipping costs will be calculated in the shopping cart after you enter your ZIP Code and select the shipping method. We do ship internationally, contact us for shipping, duty, and taxes.

All orders are processed by PayPal to ensure your safety and confidentiality. Using this site, you can use a PayPal account, a credit card, or a debit card to complete your purchase.

If you prefer, orders can be placed with a check or money order. Use the ‘Add to Cart’ buttons and the ‘View Cart’ button to calculate the shipping cost for your track. Print and mail the Order Form or contact

All products with ground shipping will be shipped within 5 business days of order.  

Rush orders placed with air shipping will have a 7% handling charge added to the product price and will be shipped on the next business day. Please contact us to ensure that next day shipping is possible on your rush order. APO and FPO orders are accepted. Please contact us for ordering.

Pinewood Derby® is a registered trademark of Boy Scouts of America