Race Management Software

The Derby Magic Race Manager software is the easiest software to use. From the automated installation to the Software Wizard guiding you through every step, this is the most advanced pinewood derby race manager you can buy. The DMRM runs on MS Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, and Windows 11.

The setup screen allows you to select the format for your race and what it’s called.

When you select the COM port that your timer is connected to, the program communicates with the timer and confirms the connection.

Racers can be entered manually in a spreadsheet like format, or you can import them from a file. The file can easily be made from your existing data.

The Derby Magic Race Manager uses the ‘Lane Rotation’ method to generate the race schedule. If you prefer a different scheduling method, you can enter the schedules manually or import them from a file.

The Racing screen automatically resizes to fill the screen. It will record all of the racing action. If you have purchased the optional Solenoid operated start gate, the Race Manager will automatically start your race.

The Results screen also automatically resizes to fill the screen. From this screen, you can print out all of the individual race results or export them to your favorite spreadsheet program.