What You Need

Order of a Track Includes:

  • All Track Sections (for chosen track length)
  • Support Frame
  • Start Gate
  • Brake Section
  • Hardware Bag (contains all nuts/screws and accessories to assemble track)

Possible Upgrades:

  • Die-Cast Option – Allows HotWheels type cars to run on the track as well as Pinewood and LEGO Derby cars
  • 18 Wheeler Option – Allows the longer and heavier 18 wheels trucks to be raced on the track

Order of a Timer Includes:

  • Finish Line Timer
    • Select Low Cost, Elapsed Time, or Sequence of Finish
  • Control Box with USB and Wireless connectivity
    • Includes a Start Sensor
  • AC power supply
  • All necessary cables

Possible Upgrades:

  • Double Sided Option – Shows the place on the brake side of the timer in 1″ LED’s
  • Solenoid Start – Allows the cars to be released through the software or the FOB
  • Wireless Remote FOB for the solenoid start
  • Race Management Software
  • Photo Finish Device
  • Light Tree
  • Drag Racing Starter
  • Rechargeable Battery